We are the Intervention

Pharmacy Intervention Platform

Educate. Document. Task.

Communicate. Discover. Monitor.

Discover medication and lab interventions, performing meaningful interventions within seconds. Add follow-up tasks for your staff, communicate with patients, monitor clinical progress through the STRAND® app, and more. Schedule your patients, discover needed immunizations, provide one-on-one education (and allowing you to bill for it), and document it…all within your workflow!

Clinical Game Plan

Improve patients AND your bottom line.

Whether you’re ready to bill for diabetes self-management education (DSME) or join a Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN), we’ll give you all the tools you need to be a clinical pharmacy guru. You’ll have our team of pharmacists, nurses, and marketing geniuses working with you to ensure your success along the way.

Chronic Care Patient Education

Meet patients where they are.

Try our nationally-recognized curricula for a monthly group class to attract chronic care to your store. Don’t have that much time? Use our 1 on 1 curricula within the counseling booth. Still don’t have time? Use our 1 on 1 professionally produced curricula videos. Still don’t have time? Well…

Creative Pharmacist Television

Highlight the services that set you apart.

Showing cable TV in the waiting area of your pharmacy? You know they have commercials for your competition, right?!?
Highlight the clinical services you offer, such as immunizations, compounding, prescription delivery, and more…all streaming over WiFi.