How Was Your Experience?

We love our Creative Pharmacist family! We especially love to hear stories of how you affect your patients to improve outcomes. Send in your stories and let everyone know how being a Creative Pharmacist has changed your business!

Video Testimonial 1

Justin Wilson

Pharm D & Co-Owner, Valu-Med Pharmacy

"Before I found Creative Pharmacist, my pharmacy was falling behind and just wasn't successful. Now my business is thriving and doing better than ever."

Video Testimonial 3

Theresa Tolle

Owner & Chief Pharmacist, Baystreet Pharmacy

Burke's Main Street Pharmacy

David Burke

Owner, Burke's Main Street Pharmacy in Hilton Head, SC
Current Cardinal Health Advisory Board Member

"As a Cardinal Health Advisory Board Member, I've consistently researched the top independent pharmacies to see what they are doing to be successful. I've also looked at all of the award-winning pharmacies from the PDS conference each year. Do you know what they have in common? They are implementing the services provided by Creative Pharmacist. Nearly every single one of them! Creative Pharmacist has revolutionized the pharmacy industry. They have empowered all of us to offer clinical services to improve our patients' health. I'm glad to have Creative Pharmacist as my partner."

Cloney's Pharmacy

Richard Spini, Pharm.D., C.D.E.

GNP Advisory Board Member
Pharmacist/Diabetes Educator/Partner
Cloney's Pharmacies
Humboldt Bay Diabetes Support
Eureka, CA

I am writing to express my thanks for your support on our Sweet Spot and Healthy Heart Club presentations. We have been doing this now for a few months and this process has been relatively painless and extremely rewarding! We have been able to successfully market our pharmacies and enhance our reputation in our local community. As a result of our talks, we have picked up several new customers.

The presentation packages your company puts together are extremely easy to use and are very well organized. In fact, one of my staff pharmacists, recently did 3 Healthy Heart Club presentations for the first time and he said the process was extremely easy to prepare for and pull off.

Your support and guidance has been amazing! We could not do this on our own without your help. Hopefully, our relationship will continue indefinitely in the future.

Hale Center Clinical Pharmacy

Laura Patterson, Pharm.D.

Hale Center Clinical Pharmacies
Hale Center, TX

"Creative Pharmacist made it so easy for us to launch our new clinical services! Our community has responded very positively, and we have gained some new patients from our monthly Sweet Spot class. Becoming accredited to offer DSME services could not have been easier with Creative Pharmacist walking us through the process. Thanks so much!"

Hurricane Pharmacy

Court Hardy

Hurricane Pharmacy
Hurricane, UT

"We absolutely love our Creative Pharmacist TV in our pharmacy. Being able to customize it with relevant ads of the services that we offer is awesome! The production on the ads is top notch. We\'ve had multiple patients comment on it and specifically on the ad that talks about eating more heart healthy nuts. It\'s become a bit of a catch phrase when the patients listen to it a couple of times while waiting for their scripts. Keep up the great work! Your turn key systems are second to none!"

Burgie Drugs

Rebecca Wilkins

FNP Business Administrator
Burgie Drugs
Elizabethton, TN

"(Jamie with )Creative Pharmacist has been a lifesaver for me. We are going through the process of developing our immunization program and billing Medicare Part B. It has been so helpful for me to have someone that I can easily email questions to anytime and get a quick response back. They are a team of pharmacy specialists that you can trust. Very friendly and helpful staff with a wealth of knowledge. If they don't know something, they take the time to find out and get right back with you. They even helped me find a immunization class close to us. Also have been very helpful in assisting with helpful ideas on meeting our STAR ratings. I would definitely recommend this company for any pharmacy."

Magnolia Pharmacy

Steve Hoffart, Pharm. D.

Magnolia Pharmacy
Magnolia, TX

"The GNP TV program offers a unique way for independent pharmacies to tell their story to their patients while they wait for their prescriptions. The hardest marketing hurdle many independents face is making the public aware of the many services, products and outstanding patient care tools they offer. Through the Apple TV platform, pharmacies can demonstrate in a customized digital format the true healthcare destination advantages offered by independent pharmacies."

Video Testimonial 2

Hashim Zaibak

2014 McKesson Pharmacist of the Year
2014 PDS Pharmacist of the Year
Hayat Pharmacy, Milwaukee, WI

"It's one of the best programs ever. It's helpful because I'm too busy to do something similar on my own, so having something already created is helpful. The language in the program is easy for patients to understand. It's a turnkey program, and very easy to implement."

Barney's Pharmacy

Barry Bryant

Owner, Barney's Pharmacy in Augusta, GA
Current Cardinal Health Advisory Board Member

"I always get asked, what are you doing that is attributing to your business growth when it seems that everyone else is struggling? My response is that as a pharmacy owner you have to think outside the box and be forward thinking. By using Creative Pharmacist, we have benefited from that forward thinking and been able to set our store apart from the competition. The excuses of 'can't afford it' or 'don't have the time' or 'don't have the know-how', have now been removed by Creative Pharmacist - built by forward thinking pharmacists for pharmacists that want to move forward and be successful."

James Drug Store

Jamie Mitchell

James Drug Store
Denham Springs, LA

"Creative Pharmacist has provided us with a real conduit to effectively connect with patients. Their offerings finally allow pharmacists to be the valued health care providers we should be. We're very excited about their new program offerings, and feel like for once pharmacy may be on the leading edge of health care services! Overall, the biggest benefit of Creative Pharmacist has been helping patients see me as a resource and not just 'the lady pharmacist behind the counter'."

Medi-Wise Pharmacy

Aaron Neidig, Pharm.D.

Pharmacy Clinical Director
Medi-Wise Pharmacy

"I met with 3 people this morning to talk about smoking cessation. It was awesome connecting with each one. Then I came to the pharmacy and had 6 people attend our diabetes classes. Which is our largest class! This morning has been terrific. It couldn't be done without your help and support as well as everyone else's at Creative Pharmacist. Thank you so much. I can't wait to build upon today's success! So proud to be a pharmacist."

McGuffee Drugs

Kristi Welch, RPh

Pharmacist, McGuffee Drugs
Mendenhall, MS

"Sweet Spot was a very well put together program that was filled with vital information for people with diabetes and it was well accepted by the patient population. It is a great teaching tool for pharmacists and other healthcare providers to use when teaching diabetic patients."

Point Loma Shelter Island Drug Pharmacy

Christine Stockton, Pharm.D.

Point Loma Shelter Island Drug
San Diego, CA

"In the community pharmacy setting, it can be challenging to find the time to incorporate educational classes for our patients. However, Creative Pharmacist has made it simple for us to offer monthly diabetes education through the Sweet Spot classes. The classes are fun and easy to teach, and promote our role as providers of clinical pharmacy services. Perhaps the best aspect is seeing the appreciation of the patients and providing them with the opportunity to put their health first."

Cave's Drug Store

Ashley Bates

Cave's Drug Store

"Creative Pharmacist has played a huge role in our outreach efforts in the community. We have started a Diabetes Education Class at the local Senior Center that has proved to be very valuable and helpful to our community. They also provide excellent insight on improving our Star Ratings, and give us specific examples and support on how to do so. I am very happy with all the one-on-one attention we receive and am grateful to have their help."

Debbie's Pharmacy

Amy L. Ducote, P.D.

Debbie's Family Pharmacy
Rogers, AR

"Hosting Sweet Spot meetings are a great way to become familiarized with clear, concise, straight forward information on diabetes that can be presented to patients in the community pharmacy setting very easily. The Sweet Spot meetings enabled me to get acquainted with the content, theme, and direction of The Sweet Spot curricula and also prepared for Sweet Spot Evolution and DSME accreditation. Hosting the Sweet Spot meetings allowed me to find a great test patient for our accreditation process. Our rapport during the Sweet Spot session gave me an opportunity to focus in on a tremendous test patient which helped make the preparation for DSME accreditation much easier.
The Sweet spot topics, content, meeting information, and materials provided by Creative Pharmacist in the host handouts helped greatly with the presentation of information that is reinforced in the Sweet Spot Evolution/DSME training.
Starting with The Sweet Spot gave us what seemed like a seamless transition into the DSME process. "